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Hot Cocoa with Spun Sugar Crown – How To Make Spun Sugar Decorations

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One afternoon I was browsing pictures of spun sugar decorations and it occurred to me that spun sugar would look fantastic floating atop a drink. Convinced this had to exist, I searched the Internet high and low for a dessert drink recipe that incorporated spun sugar, but every one I found just involved dropping the sugar straight into the liquid, where it would dissolve immediately–I wanted something that would display handsomely for a bit. I wasn’t able to find anything, though.

So, as far as I know, this is the only recipe on the internet for spun sugar floating atop a liquid.

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Sun 02/03/13 at 6:57 PM

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DIY Guide: How To Make the Best Shark Hoodie Ever

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shark hoodie

So you want to make a shark hoodie. So did I! For Halloween, because I thought that 1) it would be super cute, and 2) it’s even better because then you can wear it even after Halloween, forever. I don’t know about you but I would totally wear a shark hoodie, all the time.

So if I was gonna wear this thing all the time, I didn’t want it to just be super-glued together—I wanted a legit nice sewn-together hoodie that would last years. I have done some really basic alterations on my sewing machine, but nothing like this before. So then I googled around to get ideas, and I found these shark hoodies:

and I was like… wut, the shark hoodie I imagined in my head was WAY COOLER than this. Please. And some of these are being listed for like $75 on Etsy, kid you not. I said to myself, I’m gonna make a shark hoodie that’s gonna blow these ones out of the water—and then I’m gonna make a *guide* on how I did it, and then imma put it on the Internet so other people can make it too instead of wasting $75 on one of these. So forget about those other shark hoodies! They’re just wannabes. You’re gonna learn how to make the best. Shark. Hoodie. Ever. It took me about a week of evenings spent sewing. And I’ve never made anything like this, so if I can do it, so can you.

Disclaimer: I am so not a professional seamstress and honestly I just kind of made up techniques as I went. I am certain there are more technically correct and efficient ways of achieving what I did and will readily admit that. But hey, mine turned out looking pretty good if you ask me!

Time: 1 week

What it is: Shark hoodie with teeth, eyes, satin-lined mouth, and fin

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Thu 11/08/12 at 3:16 AM

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DIY: How to make t-shirts smaller to fit you

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In this post, I’ll show you how to make your oversized t-shirts smaller so they fit you. I’ve done this 4 or 5 times and it only takes me 7 minutes by now. This is the quick and dirty solution–you don’t need to be a seamstress!

I’m really short and skinny, which means that just about any shirt someone gives me is too big. Recently, I went to a conference and they gave out free t-shirts. As usual, their smallest size was way too big for me. Here’s how I altered it, step by step.

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Fri 09/23/11 at 10:07 AM

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What I learned from a Harvard education

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I graduated on May 26, less than two weeks ago. During a car ride just a few days ago, my mom asked me, “So, what’s one thing you learned from Harvard that you will carry with you for the rest of your life?” It was a hard question to pick one, so I didn’t answer for a long time. This was the answer I finally settled on.

The biggest thing a Harvard education taught me is that a Harvard education is not enough.

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Tue 06/07/11 at 12:49 AM

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